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The Gateway

Welcome To The Year 8 College, The Gateway!

Once students have completed their first year at President Kennedy School, they move up to the Year 8 College called “The Gateway”.

The Gateway is dedicated to the needs of Year 8, who, by the time they have spent a Year at Secondary School, have made solid friendships and are feeling a little more adventurous!

At The Gateway, Year 8 students enjoy their own social space and extra curricular activities. Students attend lessons in Departments rather than in College and are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves around school.

Year 8 have a highly specialised curriculum designed to build skills essential to their success in Key Stage 4 and they are closely monitored to ensure they reach their potential. Interventions are put in place for High Attaining Year 8 students who are in need of extra stretch and extra support is put in place for those who are below national average for their year group.

The Director of the Gateway is Mrs Bircher. The College Leader is Mrs Wilkinson and the College Manager is Mrs Sandhar.

  1. Overview of Year 8 Curriculum