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Here you can keep up-to-date with the latest news from the President Kennedy School.

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  • Year 7's Production of Aladdin

    Published 17/02/17

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  • Raising Aspirations Day

    Published 17/02/17

    Raising Aspirations Day allows Team Brunel students to experience topics outside of the curriculum at either GCSE or A-Level standard taught by a variety of teachers. 

    Students experienced the following sessions:

    Today we learnt about the Ancient Greek language and the Binary Code.  I believe I was very inquisitive and have enjoyed the day.” – Bradley Gostick

    Today has been so fun and educational, I loved it! It is a great day for anyone; I wish I could do it all over again.  I learnt so much from Feminism to Coding.” – Cole Wilson

    Today has shown me the History of Art, WW1 Coding, Romanticism and the Spanish Civil War – all of which I would not have had the chance of learning without today!” – Sanil Panchal

    Today all I felt was exhilaration.  I was very happy that I was learning new things.” – Yusuf Kusum

    Today was all about known and unknown subjects, some of which I hadn’t got a clue even existed.  I have gained a new outlook of interests.” – Ismail Rafique

     “It was really innovative and a new experience. It gives a look into different areas that we haven’t delved upon as Year 7.  This was a great day and I hope we have more.” – Arzaad Uwisekhan

    It was an amazing experience.  It gave me a good opportunity about other things I could learn about in the next few years.  Hopefully we will do this again!” – Isma Nissa

    It was an inspirational day and motivated us all” – Nida Mansoor





                                           Miss Meyrick, Assistant Leader of Literacy and Higher Attaining


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  • Sensational Music Showcase!

    Published 10/02/17

    The Music Department would like to thank all students and staff involved in making the Showcase a success.

    The Showcase was well attended and parents said "It was great to see the students performing live in front of an audience, they were fantastic, an inspiration".  

    I would like to say a massive thank you and well done to all performers for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment in class, as well as the time given up at lunchtime, to rehearse and develop their performance skills.  

    Well done everyone.           









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  • Year 7 STEM Visit to Bristol University

    Published 10/02/17

    On Tuesday 7th February, the Year 7 Stem Club group went on a trip to Bristol University. There was first a talk from the organiser, Tom, about the university and what they provide there for all students across all years. Accompanied by student ambassadors, we then had a tour around the university crossing many areas with subjects known and unknown to us, such as Earth Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics and many more. It was really exciting to learn about the courses that you can take in Bristol University. Then we had lunch, but before that, we had to write one question to ask the student ambassadors or Tom.

    After a long walk, Dr Helen Heath talked about ice cream, and the physics behind it. She explained about the chemists and the physicists view about ice cream. She showed the old way of freezing 200 years ago.

    She made us ice cream with 2 pints of double cream, 2 cans of condensed milk and air, (liquid nitrogen). All of the students said that the ice cream was delicious -           I personally thought it was one of the highlights of the day!

                                                                                                                                     Ismail Rafique, Year 7



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  • Victory for our Public Speakers

    Published 03/02/17

    On Friday 27th January 2017, three students, Grace Moongo, Andrew Colledge and myself, went to represent President Kennedy at the Rotary Youth Speaks event which took a great deal of preparation.  We spent hours and hours of our own time rehearsing with the wonderful Mrs Arnett who was there to help and support us throughout everything!

    Knowing that the event was getting closer day by day, we did lots of run-throughs and rehearsed most days saying the same speech over and over and over again!  As the competition drew nearer things were getting intense by the minute.

    On the evening of the competition, we arrived at Bablake and found out that we were first to speak. 

    We were so incredibly nervous but once we started our speech on: “Animals in Sport: Our pleasure in Expense of Their Pain” we felt amazing as if nothing could stop us!

    We then listened in the audience to the other seven schools.  We were supportive and interested in their speeches too.

    We found out the great news at the end of the night—WE WON!  We were astounded and now we are through to the next round on Saturday 4th March!

    So straight back to rehearsals to prepare and practise so that we can win again!

                                                                                                                                 By Miriam Clark


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  • Students Selected  for Wasps Training Squad!

    Published 03/02/17

    Congratulations to Devontay Aramesh Edward Abiodun and Brooklyn Vassell, who have been selected to be part of the Wasps U13 DPP Rugby training squad. 

    All 3 pupils are members of the successful Year 8 rugby team                                                             

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  • Year 7, Team Brunel Visit Cambridge University, Clare College

    Published 27/01/17

    On Wednesday 25th January, Year 7, Team Brunel students visited Clare College at Cambridge University.  Once we arrived at Cambridge we were greeted by our guide who took us into a historical building where we were given a talk about University life.  This was extremely interactive as we all had to stand up / sit down depending on if the statements applied to us or not.  During this activity we were all able to grasp a better understanding of our peers’ aspirations and interests. 



    We were then introduced to life at Cambridge University including the term-time hours, holidays, expectations, living arrangements, extra-curricular and the amount of famous people who graduated from Cambridge such as: Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and most importantly David Attenborough – who stayed at Clare College!


    After this, we had a tour around Clare College by a current undergraduate student who informed us about the history of the college and answered many of our aspirational questions!  All of students enjoyed the ‘fancy food’ as they described it alongside the traditional chocolate brownie pudding!





    In the afternoon, we walked through the historical town of Cambridge exploring the wonderful sites and old buildings whilst on our way to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology where we were able to discover a bit about the past of children’s lives and how much work they had to do in comparison to children today!                                                                                                                                         We then went on a hunt around the museum to find three, five-hundred year old potatoes – they were tiny!  











    After this we headed to the gift shop where we all enjoyed a souvenir to mark our journey to Cambridge!

                                                                                         By Miss Meyrick and Year 7, Team Brunel.


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  • A Double Win at the 2017 Book Bout Competition

    Published 27/01/17

    On Monday 23rd January, our Librarians - Ms Lindsey and Ms Ranchhod took some Year 7s to participate in the Coventry Secondary Schools 2017 Book Bout Competition, at Caludon Castle School.

    The Book Bout Competition is designed to give the children and young people the chance to unleash their creative talents by “presenting a given book – from the shortlisted books in the 2017 Coventry Inspiration Book Awards - in such a persuasive way that the other pupils present really want to read it”

    There were 2 prizes available to win:

    One for the Best Book – voted by the audience and

    One for the Best Presentation – as chosen by the Judges

    We were given the book Boy X    by Dan Smith to present.

    Boy X is about 12 year old Ash McCarthy, who along with his friend Isabel, discovers he has been genetically enhanced on a tropical island and must stop a scientist escaping with a killer virus. 

    For the presentation, our group all had a role to play in the production – some did the acting, whilst the others were the Director, Costume/Props, Narrators and Technical Assistants.

    When we got up to do the performance it was nerve racking - I was the first person who had to say something and I was shaking.  But when I said the words it felt like a relief and it was over before I knew it.

    Our group decided to showcase Boy X, by opening with acting scene in a jungle with Boy X and Isabel, who got captured.  Then, we showed a made up Minecraft Trailer – created by Aymaan Sajid – and finished off with a scene between the Boy X, Isabel and the villianious scientists fighting over the virus!

    After all the Schools had done their presentations, we had to do the voting.

    Pupils had to vote for the Best Book based on the presentations and the panel of judges voted for the Best Presentation.

    Our school came 1st in both categories and we were glad to hear it was a DOUBLE WIN for President Kennedy! 

    We were given a range of books, posters and bookmarks and we came back to school with a huge smile on our face and proud to say we had won. 

    The Book Bout competition was extremely enjoyable. There were a lot of great performances we had the pleasure of seeing and of course, happy to have done so well!

    Year 7 – Tiya Dhillion, Simran Dulai, Ismail Rafiq, Praveen Dhillon, Karina Kaur, Nida Mansoor, Tasneem Rahal, Matthew Taylor, Yusuf Kusum, Alex Culver and Aymaan Sajid -   receiving certificates at the 2017 Book Bout Competition.      


                                                                                       By:  Tiya Dhillon and Alex Culver, Year 7


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  • Enterprise Challenge with IBM

    Published 27/01/17

    The aim of the day was for year 8 students to learn about IBM and how their employees use their enterprise challenge skills in the world of technology, coding and communication.

    In teams students had to design, an app which solves a communication problem, market it, and present the idea to a panel of IBM employees.

    Team KENs (Georgia Edwards, Ella Luisi, Dillon Hayer, Emad Amrani, and Yaasir Warsame ) idea was a translation app for emails so you can communicate with anyone around the world.

    Team Exo (Kyle Thomas, Lewis Hanna, Abbas Hussain, Aaryan Sehgal and Hadyn Lloyd)idea was also a translation app, but this one could save messages, so important meetings and deadlines are not missed

    After a lot of discussion the panel of judges awarded team Exo as having the best commercial product.

    Robert Clancy from IBM said “I have enjoyed the day, the pupils have shown great skill and effort in challenging me and developing ideas, a great day, thanks”.

    Ella added “I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and I have learnt a lot more about enterprise which will really help me with my future career choices”.

    If Yassir Warsame could summarised what he has learned at IBM in one sentence he would say “Be yourself and do not be shy, thank you IBM, Enabling Enterprise and Mrs Petrak” 



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  • Year 7 Students Meet Inspirational Author Alan Gibbons 

    Published 20/01/17

    On Friday 13th January, Year 7 had an amazing author visit from Alan Gibbons. 

    Team Brunel students had an exclusive session with Alan where he informed them about how he got into writing including the part where he tried to enter Narnia through his parents’ wardrobe!  Alan has travelled the world to inspire and influence his novels and poetries.  Alan shared some of his travel stories and how these have shaped some of his writing particularly his latest book: ‘The Trap’. Later on in this session, Alan did some group writing with Team Brunel where as a group they started to write a story which has left them all in competition with each other to finish it and see whose is the best!

    In the afternoon, the whole of Year 7 got to experience Alan Gibbons in the hall where he spoke a bit about his passion, childhood and how he became an author! 

    The students were so engaged when they discovered that more of his books were based on true stories and most of these stories were extremely shocking which then inspired Year 7 to buy some of his books and almost all of Year 7 managed to get his autograph!








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  • Student to Play for Warwickshire

    Published 20/01/17

    Congratulations to Connor Flaherty in Year 11 who has been selected to play for Warwickshire U16s this season.

    Connor has been selected in the squad as a second row. Connor is part of the President Kennedy School rugby academy and also plays outside of school for Old Coventrians.

    We wish him luck in his first game against Oxfordshire.         


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  • P16 Select Open Evening Invite for Year 11

    Published 13/01/17

    'As Post 16 College Director I am extremely pleased to invite Year 11 students and parents to the launch of our new President Kennedy Post 16 Select offer, in collaboration with Barr's Hill School as members of the Futures Trust. 

    As a result of our partnership with Barr's Hill School, President Kennedy is able to offer Year 11 this year the largest and most diverse range of A-Level and Level 3 Vocational courses ever. 

    This offer incorporates traditional, well established and successful facilitating           A-Level subjects, highly regarded by Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, in addition to social science and  creative A-Levels. 

    The largest extension of the offer for President Kennedy students however is within the Level 3 vocational 'Professional Pathway'.  We are very excited to launch new subjects for September 2017 including Engineering, Sport, Applied Science, Vocational Rock School and Media. 

    In all we are offering a fantastic 29 subjects across the Access and Advances routes with qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3. 

    We look forward to helping you select your pathway to a brighter future on Tuesday evening.'                                                                        

                                                                                                         Mr Mort, Post 16 College Director


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